Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Special products: The Quick Release Belt

We do like all our products, but there are some that are very special. The design, the original idea… makes them particular and unique.

Today we would like to show you The Quick Release Belt and show you why it’s so interesting. 

We believe the Quick Release belt owes its origin to the firemen of the early 19th Century, when fire tenders were equipped with this type of buckle on straps retaining the coiled hoses which once on site could be released quickly with a single handed movement.

The buckle was rediscovered in a local antique market and immediately its potential as a belt buckle was spotted so we asked our buckle makers if they could recreate it; the adaptation and use as a belt buckle was truly inspirational as it combines originality with functionality.

Since then the iconic Quick Release belt has been the hallmark of the Hardy & Parsons collection.

Today the Quick Release belt comes in bridle leather as well as bridle leather combined with webbing, whilst the buckles and keepers come in solid brass or pewter and are offered in two sizes: 1 ¼” and 1 ½”.

If you want to see how these belts work, you can find it on this video!

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