Wednesday, 29 January 2014

New Products: Bredon Belts for Ladies

After talking about the new Bredon Belts for Gentlemen... we'd like to introduce you some other new products. This time, the new bredon belts are for ladies and they might remind you of the beautiful Bredon Chokers.

The new products are Bredon 1540/20-1...

...Bredon 1540/20-2...

...and Bredon 1540/20-10.

They are all handmade in England with bridle leather and high visibility regimental striped non-elasticated webbing. Have you noticed that each belt has a different buckle? Every detail is special in Hardy&Parsons' products! =) We hope you like them!

You can find them also on our Facebook Fanpage, on our Pinterest profile and on our Online Catalogue!

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