Monday, 6 January 2014


Almost one year ago we created this blog and started posting news about Hardy & Parsons. Now that we start a new year, we've made a summary of the last months and we can say that we're proud and very happy with all the achievements we've made in the last year!

We designed a lot of new products, that are currently available, such as iPhone and Pen Cases, dog leads, belts... We've taken photos of every single product and we also have written very detailed descriptions of each of them. With those photos and descriptions we designed a catalogue that is now available online, so that you can check it every time you want. We also made a photo shoot with a model, to offer you a lifestyle catalogue of our bestsellers. We've opened accounts in the most important social networks, where you can find the latest news and information about Hardy & Parsons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Vimeo). We took part in Beta, IWA and Showcase, to show and sell our products (we'll take part this year too). We made a new collaboration and started appearing in the media

We hope 2014 will be also a good year, as 2013 was. For the time being, we're designing a new website that we hope will be ready soon. On the website you'll be able to check all our products but also some interesting information about the brand, the "atelier" where the belts are handmade, the owner Maurice Greig... and much more! We're also developing our showroom for you to come every time you're in London, to see, try and buy our products. 

We've a lot of good reasons to face this year full of happiness. So... Happy New Year everybody! We hope you enjoyed Christmas and that 2014 will be your time to make all your dreams come true!

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