Thursday, 13 June 2013

Clipping I: Despertando a Shakti

Last Tuesday we published in our Facebook and Twitter profiles, the first press collaboration that we made.

Ruth Álvarez, the owner of Despertando a Shakti blog in Spain, interviewed us. Then she posted it in her own blog (link) the interview to make Spanish people know Hardy&Parsons.

We talked about many things. Find them here!

Ruth Álvarez: What are Hardy & Parsons’ origins?

Hardy & Parsons: Hardy & Parsons was founded in 2002 by Maurice Greig in order to address a niche in the market, that liked using belts and goods made in leather,s following the traditional processes and manufactured 100% ​​in England.

R.A.: What is your value proposition?

H&P: Goods hand made by craftsmen in leather, inspired by the equestrian world and the English countryside. Each product is individually  made, with excellent materials. One of our features is the smell of leather, a quality that our customers identify and appreciate.

R.A.: What type of product do you offer?

H&P: Belts for men and women and leather articles such as cases for pens and mobile phones, and other leather accessories such as dog collars and leads, key fobs, drink cabinets, etc.

R.A.: What is your target customer?

H&P: Those customers who value quality, who know what they want and are willing to pay for it. They buy a product with the guarantee that it will last a lifetime and they see this purchase as an investment. Hardy & Parsons’ products are timeless, as opposed to the concept of "buy and discard".

R.A.: You are manufacturers and distributors? Do you sell outside of the UK?

H&P: The products are manufactured entirely in England and distributed worldwide. Firms selling our belts in London are Fur Feather & Fin, Stuarts London and Joseph. We also have a showroom in Chelsea, where customers can come and buy our products. But we also sell products in the U.S., Japan and Europe.

R.A.: And Spain?

H&P: Spain is a difficult market, there are brands with great tradition and quality in leather goods. There is strong competition.

R.A.: Do you invest in advertising?

H&P: Advertising is very expensive and is difficult to measure the impact that a campaign can have on television, not really knowing if you've reached your target. Our communication policy is focused on reaching markets through the specialized press, bloggers and exhibitions.

R.A.: Are you on the social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest...? What do you think of the web environment and the social networking phenomenon?

H&P: Social networks are essential, they are an element of communication with which you can reach more people and make yourself known, you may display your product and your potential customers see you. They are an important showcase. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger and Vimeo.

R.A.: There is a trend to buy low-cost products. Is there room for those who value quality?

H&P: Yes. There has always been an audience looking for quality products and it will remain. They prefer to pay more and have a good product that they can use for a lifetime, rather than buyig five low-cost belts that just last a season. And this sort of client does not change his mind.

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