Tuesday, 6 August 2013


August is the most common month to go on holiday. We all like to relax and disconnect from our daily routines. We believe that resting means also to keep ourselves away from computers and telephones, so that we won't be stressed checking the latest news and updating all our movements on the Internet. But some people feel too disconnected, as if they are missing the most important news.

We've been thinking... How could we keep all our followers informed of our latest news in an easy way? Designing a newsletter of course!

From now, we will design one newsletter selecting the most important information about Hardy&Parsons, that you could receive in you inbox every month if you wish.

This mont you'll receive information of our new catalogue among other topics... Below you can see a preview:

If you'd like to receive our newsletters, please let us know via Facebook or Twitter. You can also write to us on oursocialmedianetworks@gmail.com 

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