Friday, 15 March 2013

Products Description

Our craftsmen utilise only the finest quality bridle leathers (Highgrove leather, which is 4 mm best quality British bridle butt leather) from the best British supplier, and our buckles are sourced mostly from local foundries. 

The process involves up to twelve separate hand operations including hand stitching and finishing to perfection, using the time-honoured tradition of English saddlery work.
All Hardy&Parsons' products have some common characteristics. Currying of the leather is done by hand which pares off any roughness and unevenness that may be present in the hide and makes the leather soft and pliable and gives it the necessary surface and colour. Tanning of the leather is vegetable based which preserves its natural durability and is followed by hand waxing using pure paraffin and hand polishing with a soft wool cloth to give the leather the appropriate dull luster. Every item is hand cut along the grain to ensure better wear, hand stitched and hand bevelled on all four edges; the thread used is made of 100% waxed linen for additional resistance to humidity. Metalwork comes as standard in handcrafted solid brass but is also available in nickel plated brass.

Keeping in mind that the quality of Hardy&Parsons is the best, please be aware that we also offer the chance to develop bespoke products made to your own design specification. When designing your favorite belt, the limit is your imagination, use these leather, webbing and thread colours to design your piece!


Leather colours:

1. Black 2. Chestnut 3. Dark Havana 4. Navy 5. Green 6. Newmarket Tan 7. Light Havana 8. Conker 
9. London Tan 10. Red
The edge staining is available in Black, Red and Orange.

Elasticated webbing colours:

Non-elasticated webbing colours:

Thread colours:

1. Orange 2. Mustard 3. Navy 4. Red 5. Light Havana 6. Yellow 7. Brown 8. Conker  
9. White 10. Black 11. Green

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