Friday, 12 April 2013

Accessories: Wrist Bands

The best accessories are always made in leather. In fact, it's a must in belts, shoes, bags, briefcases... Bearing in mind the importance and quality of this raw material, it isn't surprising to see how leather is also used to design ornamental accessories such as wrist bands.

Hardy&Parsons has designed three different bands for men and women. Bits, Clinchers and Plaited are the latest models. All of them handmade in England in our full range of colours.

Bits Wrist Band

Clinchers Wrist Band

Plaited Wrist Band

Choose the one that you prefer and use it in your daily life!


  1. I love the first wristband!

    1. We love it too! ;) Thanks for reading us and have a nice day! Regards, H&P