Monday, 13 May 2013

Special products: Drinks Cabinet or Tantalus

Do you remember the post where we talked about the Quick Release Belts as some of our special products?

Well, today we’d like to show you another special Hardy&Parsonsproduct: the Drinks Cabinet or Tantalus.

Why Tantalus? In Greek mythology the name Tantalus is linked to something highly desirable yet always just out of that person's reach and was adopted as a term to describe a particular drinks cabinet.

The classic combination of English oak and bridle leather blend together superbly in these beautiful drinks cases which are built by hand in our workshops.

Craftsmen work to exacting standards, moulding best leather around the solid oak sided and lined cabinet prior to hand stitching the seams and handles.

Solid brass locks, gun case corners and handle plates are then fitted with every screw individually tightened and aligned by hand before lining out with bridle leather in the fold up table and pigskin suede interiors.

A set of eight numbered pewter tumblers for place drawing or simple recognition are included together with the facility to hold three bottles, (for example two standard spirit or wine, plus champagne) and four small mixers.

It is the ideal piece for many occasions! Find them here!

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