Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Special products: Choker

We like special products, designs that are different and unique. We already showed you the Quick Release Belt. Hardy&Parsons is renown for this iconic piece that owes its origins to the firemen of the early 19th Century; as well as, the Drinks Cabinet or Tantalus that combines the skills of a cabinet maker and a master saddler. 

Now it is time for another special product: the Choker.

Handmade in England in bridle butt leather, this piece is special because it combines the classics dog collar and lead in one. One end of the strap has a ring and through that ring goes the rest of the lead. That creates a circle, where the dog places his head. The ring moves, so depending on the animal's pace, the lead will loosen or tighten. The other end of the lead has a handle.

This model is also available in webbing and leather combination. You can see all the detail photos here.

Why not try a new way to walk your dog?

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