Monday, 30 September 2013

Style: Mr Peter Beard, the icon of the week

We'd like to open a new section on the blog, called Style. Here we'll choose every week one style icon and talk about him. We believe that having style is the result of how do you combine clothes and accessories and the attitude you adopt while wearing them. No matter what you wear, no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing... you must always feel comfortable, confident and great. If you manage to do so, the image you'll project will be the image of elegance and style. An authentic gentleman.

We'd like to inaugurate this section talking about the style of Mr. Peter Beard. His photographs of Africa, African animals, and the journals that often integrate his photographs have been widely shown and published since the 1970s.

Beard is famous not only for his photographs of endangered African elephants but also of supermodels and rock stars like Mick Jagger, David BowieIman and Veruschka. Beard channels most of his creative energy into his collage-work and diaries, which he began to compile in 1949 at the age of eleven. In these works, he documents the history of his relationships with (among other things): Africa, Karen Blixen, the New York art scene, the fashion world, Hollywood, and the Kennedy administration.

We like how Beard looks like, no matter the type of clothes he's wearing. Military style or typical African clothes. He always looks just great. That's why we chose him to be our first style icon. If you like his style, what do you think about the combination below?

The Sam Browne leather belt matches perfectly with this Maffeis safari style jacket! 

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